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Print your own York International Animal-Time Coloring Book!

Last month, we had the print your own trippy Christmas coloring book special, thanks to a find from an estate sale of a booklet handed out to kids seeing Santa at the West Manchester Mall in 1982.

Now here comes another, an undated coloring book from the York Corp., then a division of Borg-Warner, maker of big things that keep stuff cold.

The cool – no pun intended – thing is that the book itself is written to give information about the company’s chillers. Next to the picture of a seal to color, for instance, there’s a description of York air conditioners being weather-sealed and the internal refrigeration units being hermetically sealed as well.

So, you know, great for kids AND parents!

You can download your copy of the full coloring book here! Sorry, no color cover, but you can see the front cover above and the frontispiece and back cover below!


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