Only in York County

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Didn’tst I tell you not to go acrosst the street?

Remember back a little bit when I was talking about York County’s – or at least my – way of saying “cousins” – by adding a T sound to make it “cousints?”

Well, I mentioned in that post that it seemed similar to adding a T to “once,” as in doing something “wunst.”

I got two responses to that on yet MORE T-additions. Coworker and friend Sue writes: “I do notice York people adding a ‘t’ to the word ‘across’ so that it’s ‘acrosst.'”

And Jo adds: “I’ll add another one heard long ago – dinds’t for ‘didn’t’ or ‘didn’t they.’ It’s that darn Dutch thing, ya know.”
Why do we do this? We are so economical in other ways – why the extra Ts?

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