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Photos from York County’s past: A collection of the work of Jim Goodling

In Monday’s Ask Joan column, I shared a photo from the late Jim Goodling of Hellam Township’s Valley View Park in its heyday.

I have some other photos taken by Jim to showcase today, kindly shared with me by his wife, Mary. I’ll share what info we know on what’s pictured, but in large part I’m hoping these will jog memories and more information from others reading!

This is our “we’re not sure it’s in York County” photo. We had thought that gate MIGHT look like Prospect Hill Cemetery, in the general area of North York, but we’re just not sure, so any details to confirm or disprove that would be great!

Jim took this photo in the 1968-69 York Riots era near former mayor Charlie Robertson’s house. The photo itself was of a home on West College Avenue in the city with “White Power” graffiti spray-painted onto it, a telling sign of the time.

This photo is from Chick’s gas station at Parkway and Smith in the city. If we can find who this young man modeling the “Chick’s Boys” shirt is… WOW, that would be awesome!

I just loved this photo – no idea where it was taken or who the man is, but it was just such a slice of front-porch life that I had to share.

This image shows a shop at Pershing and Front streets in the city.

This photo is very interesting. Our scanner was actually not big enough to scan the full-sized original, but that building in the background is North Hills Elementary School; in the original, the sign is visible at left. We think the angle is such that this view is looking across North Hills Road on the north side of Route 30, but that’s hard to confirm!

Thank you again, Mary, for sharing Jim’s work with us. I hope it draws many memories of the time!

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