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Photo memories from the Ziegler’s Drug Store soda fountain

I received this photo in a note from Wayne Breighner of Red Lion. He writes, “This is the soda fountain at Ziegler’s Drug Store located on the southwest corner of Market and Penn Sts. My mother, Alverta M. Breighner nee Smith [1908-1972] is shown taking an order from a customer. It’s sad that soda fountains are rarely found today, it still is the best way to get a ‘Coke’ or a ‘Coke with chocolate syrup’ or a cherry or lemon ‘Coke.’ And it’s rare to find an establishment that knows how to make a chocolate ice cream soda. Yes there is a secret to a great one.”

It’s cold, Wayne, but you’re making me hungry for an ice-cream soda anyway!

Would love to hear memories of Ziegler’s or of YOUR favorite soda fountain of the past; please comment!

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