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Audrey Lerew found this ad for Harry Allaman's Maytag Home Appliance Center in a 1975 edition of the York Daily Record.
Audrey Lerew found this ad for Harry Allaman's Maytag Home Appliance Center in a 1975 edition of the York Daily Record.

Mail call: Maytag dealer, Beck’s Dairy and more

Today, I have a letter I’ve been hanging on to for quite a while to share. It comes from Phil Laughman of the Hellam area.

Phil began his letter by talking about the Maytag dealer on East Market Street, which we talked about in a column last summer after a reader named Kim Slagle was seeking its name and who owned it.

That store was Allaman Maytag, and Phil recalled it as just a couple of blocks before the one-way section of East Market Street turns into the two-way area at the edge of the city. He said it was on the right-hand side going east, and was owned by Harry Allaman – “the Maytag dealer who also was host of the Call of the Outdoors,” he recalled. “He had a white goatee on his chin. I bought a used Maytag washing machine from him in the 1960s. It lasted a long time.”

Phil continued talking about some other businesses he recalled, also based on past columns. About Beck’s Dairy, he wrote that his family’s dairy shipped milk to Beck’s in the 1950s, then to Graybill’s Station, at the railroad tracks on the way to New Salem.

About Beck’s, he recalled, “When I went to West York High School (class of 1956), we had shop and the girls had home economics on the second floor of the old school across the street from Beck’s Dairy. We walked down from the high school.”

His family farm, he said, also shipped milk to Green’s Dairy for 20 years or so, and that was just about a block east of Beck’s.

Another business Phil recalled was J.B. Fishel’s Bakery. In the 1940s to about 1950, he recalled, “They came around to your house about once a week or maybe every other week? They had a cardboard blue and white sign of a loaf of bread you hung in the window if they were to stop. We also had a bakery from Hanover stop also.” He named the bakery – Maxmen’s, I think? Unfortunately the ink smeared, but that rings a bell. Phil said that both bakeries had bread and very good baked goods. He noted they lived about four miles west of Thomasville, hence how the family was served by both West York and Hanover businesses.

“J.B. Fishel’s had a blue jay and bee pictured on their bread loaf. J.B. Fishel also had a dairy farm before you got to York New Salem. It was on the right-hand side going south. They had Ayrshire dairy cows and bottled their own milk. I’m lucky to own one of their milk bottles… it is neat.”

Phil, I really appreciated getting your letter and recalling some of those West York-area businesses! Thank you so much for sharing your memories.

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