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Perhaps a final word on handwritten menus

In both October and November of last year, I posted about handwritten lunch menus. First, I wrote about how I am “for” them; then, I wrote about the strong reaction I got against them!

Photo by flickr user Daniel Morrison

I got one final comment that I really want to share. One of the “anti-handwritten” commenters was a New Yorker, and that person made some valid points. But I received a comment from “New Yorker Too”

That commenter writes: “I, too, am a New Yorker and I have no problem with a handwritten menu. Maybe it simply means that the person that wrote it hates to type. I can understand that perfectly, because I HATE to type. I avoid it whenever possible, which doesn’t mean that I don’t use technology or that I am behind the times. It simply means that for me, it is much quicker and easier to handwrite something. Handwritten items give you an idea of the person who wrote each one. I am a supervisor at a countywide level and I hire many people. I prefer to receive a handwritten application over a typed one. It gives me many clues about the potential hire. I embrace my technology and use it all the time, but I also believe that handwriting (and language) are interesting topics. So, to sum it up, I would most definitely eat at a place that had a handwritten menu, in fact, I might give it preference!”

I like this comment so much that I might let it stand as MY final opinion on the subject! Thank you, “New Yorker Too,” for having such a clear defense of (gasp) handwriting!

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