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Sharing the love of Pennsylvania Dutch cooking: Sweets and sours

Our daughter is an active member of York County 4-H, and through that, our family has had the pleasure to get to know Mary Jo Kraft of the Penn State Cooperative Extension, an awesome lady who is as “True Dutch” as they come.

Well, I had the pleasure to borrow from Mary Jo her family cookbook, so that I could copy some recipes to share. I love nothing more than to see a well-used cookbook, so this was a ton of fun for me!

Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking cover

That’s the book we’re working from, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some recipes, including one with Mary Jo’s own notes on how to make a great hogmaw!

To start, though, I thought I’d share this look at the Pennsylvania Dutch tradition of the “sweets and sours,” sometimes known as the seven sweets and seven sours, as seen in this book, “The Art of Pennsylvania Dutch Cooking.” Enjoy!

Sweets and Sours

Stay tuned… in coming posts, we’ll share recipes for cornmeal mush, hogmaw, chicken-corn soup and apeas cake!

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