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Next in the Yorkisms series… I said this one today. “I’m going to see if the mail’s been.” Yet another example of local economy of words, it means if something has “been here yet,” but why not drop those last two words? Is there anything else I could possibly mean?

Nah, not Thanksgiving, though that’s coming up soon enough… I mean hunting season! And in celebration, I decided to hunt up a new Yorkism. You ever “hunt” or “hunt up” something? It means to look for, in the “Crap, why can’t I find that?” sense. You know, like, “I’m hunting

Did you know there was such a thing as a mule whisperer? One Delta couple learned first-hand from Brad Cameron, who travels across the country with his mules, during a late-September workshop in Medina, Ohio. Cameron taught handlers safety tips, knot-tying and ways to get their livestock to work for

Next in an ongoing series on York County-isms This Yorkism was totally an accident. It’s one of those four-letter words I’ve been desperately trying to avoid. But since I said it the other day, I figure I might as well put it out there for public debate. What could be

Time to clean up on here, fix some outdated links and generally start posting more again. And since I’m long overdue for a Yorkism, what about “redd up”? Redd up: To fix, clean, tidy, neaten, straighten, rearrange, spruce up, etc. At a recent supper at my church, where we use

Next in an ongoing series on York County-isms Whatever you think you knew about the uses of “leave” and “let,” throw it away! One Yorkism that I haven’t been able to think of an explanation for is the reversal of “leave” and “let” in many sentences. Ex.: “Let that alone”