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So, if you’re a Yorker, you probably often do things “once.” You know, “Let me see that once.” “Leave me read that once.” If you’re a hardcore Yorker, you probably don’t just do them “once,” you say it “once-t” or “wunst.” This is similar to awhile in that it’s always

Well, I decided to head back “north” again Saturday… that’s two weekends in a row; will I lose my “Official York Countian” certificate for this? Anyway, my mom and I decided to take advantage of a quiet weekend to head up to the new Hollywood Casino at Penn National, near

There is a joke around the office that I’m so York-centric that the greater Harrisburg area is like “my Canada.” I admit a slight degree of directional-challenged-ness on my part might have added to that perception, so I can’t take offense. Anyway, I ventured into the Great North Woods last

Kara, the YDR’s business editor, and I went out at lunch today to do some last-minute holiday shopping. We ended up with an awesome Christmas surprise – nice people! We started out at Target, where we shopped around a bit in menswear before ending up at the jewelry counter. After