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Possibly an authoritative source on redding up‘s origins comes to us from commenter Beau: “Wikipedia gives it to Pittsburgh and Western PA (and as a Butler County native, so would I),” he writes. Interestingly, I found a Pittsburgh winery that makes a Redd-Up Redd wine, adding even more credence to

Remember my challenge on how to say certain words if you’re a Yorker? Things like suite, milk, irons, wash, clothes, water, roof and Roots (the auction/flea market in Lancaster County) all take on a different tone if you’re from around here. Even our grocery store – Weis – has a

There’s a Yorkism for you – “Outen the light!” It means, not surprisingly to turn out the light, and if you’ve read my thoughts on other Yorkisms like been and butter bread and whatfer, you’ll know that I think we stick with “outen” because it’s shorter than “put out” or