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As if the window candles didn’t spark enough debate on local house-decorating customs, what about this one? I’m referring, of course, to the idea of putting a huge metal star on your house. My roommate (for another few days at least – an early goodbye to you, Tina!) mentioned these

If you can’t tell, it’s “Joan’s cleaning out her inbox” week on the ol’ blog, and I want to keep sharing some of the best comments I’ve received. I had gotten some good responses to my post on window candles. From my sister Louise (Hi, Weez!), who just knows a

A long time ago, commenter Bonnie told me: In these parts we eat “pon haus” aka scrapple. Where’s the hog maw? Where’s the souse…it’s food and should not be confused with getting “soused.” That’s all together different, though both are pickled. Well, Bonnie hit on the one traditional food that

My newest staffer, Matt, moved up here from Baltimore this year … so he finds Yorkisms all the time. So many of them go right past me – they’re just the way I’ve always said things, so I don’t even notice. But the one he pointed out to me recently

Here’s a Yorkism that, for some reason, has cropped up a lot in conversations I’ve heard lately. It’s especially appropriate for summer – you know, time for road trips. Windows down, stereo up, maybe playing your favorite song. But what happens when you ask a Yorker how to get somewhere?

Wow, I’ve become a forum for debate! I’m actually pretty stoked about this! I had been pretty willing to go along with Beau’s claim that “redd up” was Pittsburgh-ese. But, Jo made a good point: Nope, we’re not quit finished with redd-up. I was born in Juniata Co.–45 mins. n.