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OK, next quiz: What way do locals mispronounce the name of Wal-Mart, the staple of middle-of-the-night York County shopping goodness? I’m guilty of this one myself, and I can see no good reason why we do this. For some reason, we say Wal-Mark. (Oh, and don’t get me started on

From the Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Group’s most recent newsletter, here’s a recipe for a true local favorite, Shoo-Fly Pie. My favorite part about this? It features Mark’s favorite scrapple condiment, King Syrup! Shoo-Fly Pie 1 c. flour 2/3 c. light brown sugar 1 Tbsp. butter 1 c. King Syrup 1

… that is the question which is at hand. The topic, of course, is the idea of dropping the infinitive verb form from your sentence and using only the verb complement. Or, if that’s too ninth-grade English for you, to leave out “to be” and only say what, exactly, you’re

I didn’t have one person (well, of the three who responded) get the “hamburg barbecue” quiz wrong. Of course, that’s the correct answer – hamburg barbecue – if you’re a Yorker. Megan says her husband (Hi, Neil!) gets totally frustrated and says there’s no such thing as “hamburg.” Joe says

Friend Jo reminded me of this Yorkism this weekend… If you’re a Yorker, which is right: A) Hamburger barbecue B) Hamburg barbecue C) Sloppy Joe And, is there a difference between these three things? Discuss. My “correct” answer to come later this week. (By the way… if you search on

I’ve been talking quite a bit about that meat-which-I-hate, scrapple. Well, one of my readers, Mark, chimed in with some really amazing information on what I had assumed was a Pennsylvania Dutch (and therefore German in origin) food: Short background, I was born and raised in York, graduated from Central

My husband, Chris, must not read my blog very often, because he loves scrapple but didn’t jump to its defense after my somewhat critical post on the mixed meat. His sister, though, certainly did! Adriane says: I will defend our beloved Scrapple to my dying day!! People are ‘afraid’ of