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Over the Hills to Pathmark

More on “What it used to be” in York County…

Before the new Delco Marketplace along Route 74 in West Manchester Township, it was the “Delco Centre,” and before that, just plain “Delco Plaza.”

I love the new Lowe’s and especially the Chili’s and Grand Buffet in the newest incarnation, but I miss some of the old favorites from the original shops as well – most notably, Hills and Pathmark.

Hills was great for two reasons – first, I’m a huge hot dog fan, and their little hot dog shop in the front made some of the best dogs around. I was thrilled when the West Manchester Target began offering hot dogs, but they’re not quite the same. Also, my favorite teddy bear was one of Hills’ Christmas specials. I still have him! (No photos, sorry. I’m not that into embarassing myself online.)

Sadly, Hills is no longer in business; it merged with Ames in 1999. There was an Ames in that same location, but that chain went bankrupt in 2002; the store closed; and it sat empty until the new construction began at Delco.

Meanwhile, Pathmark is still in existence, but you’d need to head out close to Philadelphia to find one. And soon (like within the next couple of months), it looks like they’ll be merging with A&P.

What I loved most about Pathmark was its “No Frills” generic-brand stuff. Our house had tons of those black-and-white-label boxes, cans and bags.

Anyone else miss those old favorites, or have any other “used to be” places you’d like to know about? Leave me a comment!

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