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Our recent trip to Wiener World

My congratulations to brother-in-law Mike, who accurately ascertained the restaurant in yesterday’s pop quiz. Sister-in-law Adriane was close. Her guess? “That Famous Hot Wiener place? I’ve never been, but I am taking a guess based on the number of hot dogs on the table!”

Not quite, but Mike nailed it. Yes, my husband, Sarah and I went to Wiener World for a recent dinner. I hadn’t been there since high school, and they’d never been there, so it seemed a good York County choice. And, of course, as we walked in, I informed them that I’d be blogging their dinners.

They’re good sports, despite my husband’s unhappiness about being photographed. “I think it’s going to be hard for readers to make out the details from that photo (see it here), with the blinding glare off the top of my head.” I think he was being oversensitive.

Anyway, dinner was good.

Chris had two dogs – one Texas Hot-style, and one with kraut. Ugh. Stinky. But he liked them!

Sarah had a plain dog, and I had one with ketchup and mustard, which you can see at the bottom left.

We all had some french fries, which were especially good. In fact, I liked those better than my dog! The dog was good, but I tend to prefer a skinnier hot dog with a more heavily grilled outside.

I hear their breakfasts are good, too, and very inexpensive; I think we’ll have to head back to try those out sometime soon! Any recommendations on what to get? (Ahem, Mike?)

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