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News from The Brogue

I’d previously mentioned what I called an “unexplainable Yorkism,” in which people add “the” before roads and towns in this area. (The Susquehanna Trail, the Druck Valley Road, etc.)

I was reminded of that again today, when I received a photo and story about a family that produced several generations of Eagle Scouts. The release states they are from Troop 152, The Brogue.

I hear a lot of people say this. In fact, I would say that more people call it “the Brogue” than call it Brogue.

But I still have no idea why this is. Can anyone shed any light?

And congratulations to the aforementioned three generations of Davis family Eagle Scouts, Rob Davis (’78); Rob’s son Bobby Davis, who earned the Eagle award on May 23; Dr. Bob Davis (’49); Bobby’s grandfather; and Dr. Tom Davis (’52), Bobby’s uncle. For his Eagle project, Bobby widened and re-located a section of walking path in Spring Valley Park.

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