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Neat things about being a local editor

One of the neatest things about being an editor for your hometown newspaper is getting a chance to see people you know featured in the paper.

While we don’t seek out people we know to use as sources for stories (and, in fact, try not to unless there is no other source), sometimes, as editors, we find that people we know show up in stories our reporters file, and that was the case when I read this week’s Suburban Life story on bringing your outdoor plants inside for winter.

Turns out the Master Gardener interviewed (and pictured!) is Linda Silverman, whose son, David, took both karate and music lessons with me when I was in middle school.

I haven’t talked with any of the Silvermans in at least 10 years, but it was still neat to see someone I recognized. In fact, once I looked more closely, I could see a family photo of theirs in the background of one of the photos with the story!

So what are your small-town connections stories? Where have you run into or heard about people you grew up with?

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