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Names of York: Samuel S. Lewis

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York.
Place: Samuel S. Lewis State Park, Lower Windsor Township
Who was it named after? Samuel S. Lewis (1874-1959), described as an “unassuming, jovial, analytical man” who held several cabinet-level positions to several governors, most notably as Secretary of Highways to Governor Gifford Pinchot. (Note: More about Pinchot later!) Lewis was the lieutenant governor to Arthur H. James from 1939 to 1943. Lewis was the postmaster general of York and rejuvenated the York Fair. In 1951, he was appointed the Secretary of the Department of Forests and Waters and oversaw all state parks and forests.
Fun fact: Lewis donated 35 acres of his farm to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1954, and that, along with two adjoining properties, became the park that bears his name, which opened the same year.
Info source: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources
Bonus fun fact: The “carving tree” seen with this post is a European beech tree in Samuel S. Lewis State Park, covered in carvings from park visitors, one an estimated 40 feet from the base of the tree. Initials, names and dates constitute most of the markings, some of which are more than 20 years old. Photo is by Jason Plotkin.
Do you have a suggestion of a place in York County named for a person? If so, post a comment! I’m going to work my way through some likely ones, such as schools and parks, but I need other suggestions too!

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