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Names of York: Gifford Pinchot

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York.

Place: Gifford S. Pinchot State Park, Warrington Township

Who was it named after? Gifford S. Pinchot (1865-1946) was a two-term Pennsylvania governor, first elected in 1922. Pinchot created the first Pennsylvania state budget, erased the state’s debt and gave himself a pay cut. He was most known for his work in conservation.

A good friend of President Theodore Roosevelt, Pinchot was named Chief Forester of the U. S. Division of Forestry and served from 1898 to 1910. Policies developed by Pinchot still help guide most national and state forests.

Fun fact: Pinchot was said to be the first American trained in forestry. The park that bears his name was dedicated in 1961; it now covers 2,338 acres.

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources

Do you have a suggestion of a place in York County named for a person? If so, post a comment! I’m going to work my way through some likely ones, such as schools and parks, but I need other suggestions too!

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