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Names of York: Edgar Fahs Smith

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York.

Place: Edgar Fahs Smith MIddle School in York

Who was it named after? Edgar Fahs Smith (1854-1928), a college chemistry professor and noted chemist.

Fun fact: Smith was possibly the most distinguished alumnus of York County Academy, a forerunner of York College of Pennsylvania. He also graduated from Gettysburg College and the University of Gottingen and taught chemistry at various colleges, with his last 30 years at the University of Pennsylvania. He authored 13 chemical textbooks, including the most widely read – “Electrochemical Analysis.”

His research included the use of tungsten in electric light bulbs and the use of molydenum in the steel industry. These accomplishments put forth his name on the side of the York school in 1931, built on land once owned by his father, Gibson.

Source: York Town Square blog and George Hay Kain’s “A History of York County Academy.

Do you have a suggestion of a place in York County named for a person? If so, post a comment! I’m going to work my way through some likely ones, such as schools and parks, but I need other suggestions too!

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