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Names of York: A.B. Farquhar

More in the ongoing series on the Names of York.

Place: Farquhar Park in York, plus numerous other sites (take your pick; in fact, comment and let me know what other “Farquhar” places there are!)

Who was it named after? Industrialist A.B. Farquhar, who presented the city of York with a parcel of land in northwest the northwest portion of the city.

Fun fact: My brother-in-law Mike researched Farquhar, and he found this: “Soon afterward, the York Improvement Company, composed of enterprising citizens, set apart for the purpose of a park 32 acres of land surrounded the gift of Mr. Farquhar. The pleasure resort, since known as Farquhar Park, has been laid off into walks and drives and beautiful grass plots and parterres.” The park is still imposing as it covers a cascading hill, and its age is reflected in the mature trees which shade the entire park. The handsome Victorian gazebo situated atop the hill on A.B. Farquhar’s plot has recently been stabilized and restored. Read more about Farquhar on the York Town Square blog.

Source: Research by Mike Smith; caricature courtesy of the York County History Center

Do you have a suggestion of a place in York County named for a person? If so, post a comment! I’m going to work my way through some likely ones, such as schools and parks, but I need other suggestions too!

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