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My favorite condiment

No, Mark, it’s not King Syrup. 😛

It’s ketchup!

Specifically, Heinz Ketchup. I hate any other brand of ketchup. (Thanks to Dan for pointing out that distinction in a conversation the other day.)

We were talking about what we put on McDonald’s chicken nuggets. (Yes, they’re a diet no-no… but they’re soooo good…) I maintain that I’m strictly a ketchup girl, no sweet-and-sour or barbecue or honey mustard. Not that those aren’t good, but ketchup’s better.

That reminded me of something Mark had mentioned in a previous comment… I’ll leave you in suspense, if you haven’t read his comment already, but here’s your next pop quiz… what is an appropriate York County condiment for french fries? (Multiple correct answers here, so vote early and often.) I’ll weigh in on that (fattening) subject in a coming post.

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