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My Canada

There is a joke around the office that I’m so York-centric that the greater Harrisburg area is like “my Canada.”

I admit a slight degree of directional-challenged-ness on my part might have added to that perception, so I can’t take offense.

Anyway, I ventured into the Great North Woods last night. What was the occasion, you ask?

Well, I headed north to attend my first-ever Hershey Bears game.

My thoughts and notes:

1. I like the fighting lots more than I like hockey.

2. It would have been nicer if the Bears hadn’t lost, five to zip. At one point, I thought it was because I was some sort of bad-luck charm.

3. I later learned it wasn’t my fault that the Bears lost, because they managed to do it again tonight.

4. My favorite part was probably the gigantic skating bear. How hard is that to do?!

5. Being me, somehow, I managed to run into two Yorkers I know in the immensely crowded Giant Center.

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