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More thoughts on Salvo’s Pizza

New commenter Craig checked in with me recently on my post about the pizza shop that used to be where Moonlight Cafe is now, in Dover.

The shop was Salvo’s Pizza, and Craig provided me some new info I didn’t have before – he says the Moonlight’s owners are relatives of the folks who owned Salvo’s – whose original owner has since passed away.

Craig reminded me of something super-good about Salvo’s… they had a fabulous pizza steak sandwich.

He describes it: “The bread that he used for the steak sandwiched was actually like a pizza crust folded in half, baked, sliced and filled. I loved those sandwiches! I haven’t found another place that makes them like that since.”

Anyone know a place to get a pizza steak like that? I’d forgotten about these, but reading Craig’s comment brought back some really delicious memories!

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