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More on veggie naming

First, if you’re visiting for the first time today, I’m running a poll about what you call a particular green vegetable.

So far, “string beans” are beating out “green beans” as the name for the veggie in question. But I’ve had some interesting conversations about this that I’d like to share.

First, I asked my brother-in-law Mike, who reads faithfully but never comments, what he voted for. He said string beans, which is fine. But we started talking about, IF you were to pick green beans, what do you do when confronted with the yellow version of said beans? He says those are called wax beans, which I admit I have heard of but didn’t realize what they were. (There are some pictured here. I think all the pictures make them look like very yellow french fries, but that’s beside the point.)

Cubby, my virtual friend and a columnist for the Hanover Evening Sun, said she was raised calling them string beans and had kind of gotten away from that.

Melanie also votes for string beans; “snap them in two and you immediately see why,” she wrote.

Jim Fahringer, a new commenter, said he also calls them string beans, but adds, “perhaps the real name is green beans or pole beans depending on whether they were grown on vines that grew up poles or grew on bushes.”

He’s also got a point that I think Jo (who hasn’t weighed in yet – where are you, Jo?) would appreciate. He says: “By the way, if they are the kind that grow on bushes and hang down close to the ground, picking them is one of the most difficult back breaking jobs I ever had and are tied with picking strawberries as a back breaking job!” Jo, if you’ll remember, said the strawberries she picked at Dover’s Barefoot Farm really did her back in!

Anyway, there’s still time to vote. For all the commenting seems to suggest “string beans” is far and away the name winner, it seems close. Those of you who picked green beans – leave some comments! 🙂

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