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More on hamburg barbecue

Well, first of all, there was some very good-quality barbecue from the Scrabble tournament earlier this month (which, by the way, I took second in my division at!):

My previous posts on hamburg barbecue, at first, drew only the “correct” answer – which, is of course, “hamburg” and not hamburger… and certainly not Sloppy Joe. C’mon now.

But then, some other folks chimed in.

April doesn’t know any better. She’s from the Midwest. She wrote: “I have to say, it’s Sloppy Joe. That’s what us Missourians call it!”

We’ll forgive her. She isn’t from these parts. (AND she lives in Lancaster, so she doesn’t have to be a “Yorker”!)

Doug has no excuse; he lives here. But he says: “That’s not a hamburg barbecue, that’s a Sloppy Joe. Yum.”

And Jo, who had the right answer, brings up a good point: “For those who are adamant about the sandwich being called hamburg barbecue, how come supermarkets call it ground beef? Why isn’t the sandwich, therefore, called ground beef barbecue? Maybe it could be called ground beefecue.”

There you go, folks. Beefecue. Maybe we can start a new Yorkism.

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