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More memories of the Robert Hall store

Many thanks to reader Bill Schmeer, who was kind enough to find the following clip of the catchy jingle from the Robert Hall store that used to be in downtown York.

Bill also writes, “I got to thinking about other stores no longer with us. One that was in the West York area, near the location of the Robert Hall’s, but don’t pin me down on the exact location, was Franklin(‘s) Discount. I remember it was in the area of Richland Ave. in an old brick building.”

He continues, “Other stores no longer with us: Two Guys, Gaylord’s, Gee Bee (which became Value City), Hess’s, Hills, Ames, J.M. Fields, Food Fair/Pantry Pride, both transformations of the old Acme Stores. Food Fair was across Philadelphia St. from the White Rose Bar and Grill. Pantry Pride was on the lower level in the North Mall, as was J.M. Fields. Safeway, that was in the building on West Market St. where Super Shoes is now. The A&P on Philadelphia Street near NY Wire, in the building that now houses a day care center. Hechinger’s and Triangle Home Centers, which became Builders Square and none of which are still in business. Then there was the grandaddy of home centers, Grossman’s, the store was on the east side, near Beasley Ford, I believe. There was Calloway’s in the York Mall, and if I remember correctly, another men’s store in that same spot that either preceded or followed Calloway’s.”

WOW. I thought I was tired, then I read the close of Bill’s e-mail. He writes, “I’m afraid I may have pulled a brain muscle here and will have to put it away until I recuperate. But it’s something to ruminate on.”

Definitely! I’m going to get to work updating as many of these as I can in our York County stores and restaurants of the past directory.

As always, thanks for sharing and keep the memories – including videos! – coming!

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