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More memories of the Flamingo restaurant

It’s been almost a full year since we talked about the Flamingo restaurant, which came up in this March 2011 post about a letter I’d received from Yvonne Leiphart.

It was only a passing mention, but I received several memories in response.

The most detailed information came from Jim Knaub, who writes, “I remember the Flamingo resturant on S. Belmont St. It was an upscale resturant serving steaks, seafood, etc. Before it was the Flamingo it was the Elmwood Grill which was a teen hangout; hamburgers, sodas, jukebox etc. It was quite a popular place. Also remember just east of Belmont St on Market St (where 83 crosses Market St) was Melvins drive in, served great BBQ sandwiches and frosted malted ice cream. They also had a dance floor with a jukebox. They were only open in the summer. Very popular with the young crowd. I also remember quite well The Trail Coffee Shop which at the time was an all night resturant. It was owned by Ernie Rhodes. I wonder how many remember that Ernie Rhodes in the late 1940s and early 1950s had a resturant on the north east corner of Phildelphia and Seward Sts. in West York. It had a restaurant upstairs and a place for teenagers to hang out and dance downstairs. Maybe in the future we could supply information on other young people hang outs such as the ‘Orange Top’ the ‘White Swan’ and of course the Teen Age Center (TAC) in downtown York.”

Well, Jim, you’re in luck! Here are some memories of Melvin’s, the Orange Top and the White Swan! If anyone has more to share on the Teen Age Center, let me know.

Back to the Flamingo, two commenters, Anita Lehigh and Tracey, said their mothers worked there! Anita adds, “Back in the 60’s it was a very nice upscale place to eat and then go to the theatre across the street…” And Bill Landes also remembered it as “the upscale, fancy spot for special occasions.”

I’m guessing it was somewhat like the Left Bank of its day?

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