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More memories of steakhouses

Not that long ago, we were talking about steakhouses, specifically the ones in the Memory Lane area, and we got to talking about OK Corral, Ponderosa and Bonanza.

About the OK Corral, Ben says, “I don’t think it was on Memory Lane, but it was on the corner of Memory Lane and Industrial Highway.” Then he mentions another oldie-but-goodie: “Roy Rogers. They had the best bacon cheeseburgers!”

Beth remembers another steakhouse in the area. “Ponderosa on South Queen Street and along Route 30. Wonderful salad bar. Yum!”

(Side note: Bonanza and Ponderosa were apparently part of the same company. Who knew?)

Rich brings up yet another former eatery: “Before the OK Corral was on Memory Lane it was between Dairy Queen and the gas station that is now Rita’s and Papa Johns on E. Market. How about Burger Chef? It sat where NeFra in now across from Unique Physique (formerly Kiddietown Toys). There was also a Burger Chef in Columbia.”

Burger Chef? That’s one I’d never even heard of! Was it locally owned? Any details would be greatly appreciated!

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