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More memories of Paules Dairy in Wrightsville

Back in June, I shared this fun letter from Ruth (Paules) Benedick of Dover Township with memories of Paules Dairy in Wrightsville, which was started by Ruth’s father and which was in business from 1935 to 1961.

I received more memories of Paules Dairy in response and wanted to share those today.

Sylvia Lee wrote, “I well remember Paules’. My best friend and I usually walked there Sunday afternoon for ice cream. My favorite was strawberry and vanilla. Thanks for the memory.”

And Carol Senft of Dover Township writes, “The story on Paules Dairy hit home for me. Several years ago I had auction of my parents’ home and in the various things there was a milk bottle from Paules Dairy and I always wanted to know where in Wrightsville the dairy was.” (If this is your first time hearing about the dairy, Ruth shared in the previous post that it was at 624 Hellam St., Wrightsville, and you can see the front of the store below.)

Carol continues, “This bottle was bid to $500 and from what I understand it was by a person connected to Rutter’s Dairy and it was supposed to be at their museum. I always wanted to check this out and it is on my list of things to do.”

She concludes with a fun Only in York County note: “Also, I live in Dover, where the daughter to this dairy is supposed to live, how ironic. I was originally born and raised in Kreutz Creek, Hellam Townhip. I wish I could chat with Ruth to tell her of this story.”

Well, that’s where I come in. I’ve still got Ruth’s contact info somewhere, and I’m going to reach out to her when I return to the office next week and see if I can’t put her in touch with Carol.

I love that – truly Only in York County.

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