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More memories of Pathmark

Commenter Ray recently chimed in with more on Pathmark and its No Frills brand, which is now merged with A&P.

He writes, “Yeah I remember the good times with Pathmark. We too had The Pathmark and No Frills brands all over our house. I still have many Pathmark Brands still around. But as time goes on they get less and less. Yes Pathmark is still around. But is it really Pathmark anymore? Or is it A&P with a Pathmark sign on it? They killed off the famous Pathmark Brand. That is very very sad. And I do indeed miss it and always will.”

I’m wondering where the nearest Pathmark even is! I think there are a couple out in Delaware County, near where my mother-in-law lives, but I don’t know of any closer. Does anyone know, and what else do you remember about Pathmark?

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