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More memories of Mack the Fire Horse

I wrote in depth about Old Mack the Fire Horse for the first time in this October post.

Well, some time after that, an excerpt from that post ran in our print edition, and in response I received a letter from David Leppo of West York. He writes that he saw we were talking about Mack and says, “Well, I know a lot about him. I have his left side jawbone in a glass case in my room; his other jawbone is in the fire museum in a case and the rest of his body is in the resting place at the museum.”

David adds, “My Poppop, who I lived with my whole life, is Art Rider, who is still alive today and is at a home in North York. He gave me the jawbone a long time ago and told me many stories about Mack. I used to spend a lot of weekends at the fire museum. I have a lot of (pictures) of Mack that my Pop gave me and I cut this out of the paper to show him.”

David, thank you so much for sharing this with your grandfather, and for telling us even more about Mack. We appreciate it! (If you missed the earlier post – including a fun story about David’s grandfather Art, read it here!)

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