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More memories of J.M. Fields

My earlier post on J.M. Fields was a good excuse to feature a gratuitous monkey photo on my blog.

Today’s is a little more, well, normal. And seasonally appropriate!

New commenter Holmes writes, “I remember that J.M. Fields opened on Halloween night. The place was packed with people who came to check it out. They gave Halloween treats out to the kids who showed up wearing a Halloween costume.”

Lorie had some background about Fields to offer. She writes, “J.M Fields was like the Walmart of the 60s and 70s. Pantry Pride was its partner store, a precursor to today’s SuperCenter stores. My sister worked there for a year or so, and so did her husband.” She included a link to the Wikipedia page on Fields; check that out here.

My sister Louise, meanwhile, also had a family member who worked at Fields. AND she made it a monkey tie-in. Let’s just say it wasn’t a very flattering statement about her ex-husband! (Or about the monkey, depending on how you look at it.)

Does anyone else remember the Halloween celebrations at Fields specifically, or do you remember any other businesses having big Halloween events in the past? I know sometimes the malls around here do trick-or-treat nights now, but I don’t know of any major retailers doing special things now… do you?

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