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More memories of D.E. Jones

Earlier this month, I asked if anyone else remembered variety store D.E. Jones.

Turns out, you all did!

New commenter Leigh Ann writes, “I remember D.E. Jones stores, they were the best. I just loved them and really miss them. I used to go to the one in Shrewsbury & @ Delco.”

Commenter Cathy also remembered that southern location. She says there was a D.E. Jones in Shrewsbury about 5 to 7 years ago at the Market Square shopping center; that’s one I hadn’t been aware of!

And commenter Ben Lightner brought up a subject you all know is near and dear to me. He writes, “There was a D.E. Jones at the West Manchester Mall. I believe it was next to DEB. I also remeber McCrory’s at both West Manchester and York mall. They had the best hot dogs!!!!!”

Yes, he wins with a hot dog reference. What I remember most about D.E. Jones is how I used to buy these little, square 50-cent “paperback classics” books – you know, Oliver Twist, etc. What else do you guys remember?

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