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More mail-order local snacks

Last week, I mentioned some local food-makers that will ship their treats to you – that is, if you’re not lucky enough to live in York County! I also asked for recommendations of other local companies that ship, especially food, and as always, my commenters were immensely helpful!

My friend Mary writes, “Snyder’s of Hanover also has an online store and ships product. I highly recommend their new York Peppermint Pretzels… they are so delicious!!”

Commenter Bill mentions Stauffer’s Cookies, Cope’s Corn and – how could I forget – Hershey’s!

And Lorie adds, “Don’t forget Wege Pretzels!”

Bridget weighs in with some regional, Pa. Dutch items, including Hammond’s and Sturgis pretzels, which are also available through the mail.

So, for your convenience, here’s a list to some regional online storefronts for your shipping needs:

Smittie’s pretzels
Martin’s Chips
Wege of Hanover
Stauffer Biscuit (order by phone)
Cope’s Corn
Snyder’s of Hanover
Hammond Pretzels
Sturgis Pretzels

Update! Forgot this the first time around, but I can’t skip Nuts About Granola; thanks, Mary, for mentioning them!

Let’s keep growing the list – any others?

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