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More local pizza memories

I had posted last week about Showbiz Pizza, predecessor to Chuck E. Cheese.

Mark, checking in from Austria, had some fond memories of other yummy local pizza. He wrote:

Does anyone remember Pappy’s Pizza? It used to be right off of 83 south on Leaders Heights Rd. When I was a kid, that is where we went every once in a while for pizza and birthdays. Another lost pizza place from York was International Pizza which used to be out by the old BEST store and where Roll’R’Way east was before it burned down (I witnessed that fire!!!). So does anyone else remember good pizza spots that are no longer around York? Oh, I almost forgot, Angelo’s in Manchester…best greasy pizza ever!!!

My favorite it-isn’t-there-anymore local pizza was on Route 74 in Dover, where the Moonlight Cafe is now. Unfortunately neither my mom or I can remember the name of it… so, help! Does anyone remember? You would be saving me MUCH anguish if you could help me think of it!

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