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More hot-dog memories

I was talking about good, roller-cooked hot dogs back in January, and I got great hot-dog memories from you guys that I wanted to share.

Tracey said she didn’t go to Sears much when she was a kid, but she went on to say that Icee’s and roller hot dogs and popcorn at Hills are a fond memory. She writes: “My first tax-paying job, I’d eat chili cheese dogs all the time in the snack bar, because other than boiling, I don’t like my hot dogs any other way. (BBQ Char = EW!) Now I’m hungry for one!”

Well, I’m hungry for one too, but I can’t stand the thought of boiled dogs! I hate that! And I love mine charred, the darker the better.
Now, my Mom, not a frequent commenter but a regular reader, weighed in too, with a slightly embarrassing Joan story.

We used to go to the hot-dog wagon at Pathmark, and she asked, “Do you remember I used to get you hot dogs without the roll at the wagon. You would not eat the roll.”

My response? “So what did they do, just hand me a stick of grilled meat in a paper or something?”

And her answer? “Basically 🙂 They probably though I was crazy, but why waste a roll when you wouldn’t eat it?”

Ah, yes, York County frugality.

Anyway, back to OTHER people’s memories; Jo had her “Sears dogs” a little farther away. She says, “A Sears dog and a Hires root beer. Arlington, Va., store.”

A new commenter, James Phipps Jr., wrote to say: “I can remember eating hot dogs at Sears when I was only 5 years old. That was back in the early 70s, when my father and I would visit to look at tools. Ketchup and the fresh-cut onions were my favorite. Thanks for bringing up a childhood memory.”

You’re welcome, James! Thanks for reading, James and everyone else! Keep those great memories coming. I love them!

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