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More downtown memories from a reader

Longtime newspaper reader Larry Good sent me the photo above, along with even more downtown memories.

He writes, “There was a Kresge store there In the first block of West Market. I had to be an every Saturday morning pack mule by threat of lumps for my mother till I was old enough to attend the chapters at the Rialto. My reward was either a 5 cent bag of fresh roasted peanuts from Mike’s Nut Shop or a vanilla Ice cream soda at the Morris Drug fountain located In the first block of East Market St. or from Whelands (sp?) Drug Store In the NW corner of the square. A vanilla or cherry Coke was also an option. In the square also was G. C. Murphy where my brother-In-law received his manager training. I think that is Morris Drug next to G. C. Murphy Co.”

How about everyone else? Do you remember Kresge, G.C. Murphy, Morris Drug or Wheland’s? (I can’t confirm that spelling either, as I’m not familiar with it!)

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