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More business memories from unusual sources, this time from a bank giveaway

About a month ago, we talked about some business memories based on ads in a 1947 York cookbook.

Drovers address book coverToday’s mildly unusual source for a list of previous local businesses is what I believe to be a giveaway from The Drovers & Mechanics National Bank of York (a predecessor to what is today Fulton Bank.) This is a “personal directory” or pocket address book from about 1960. I picked my copy up at the York Emporium some time ago; it’s unused, and I actually would have loved to find it with someone’s actual addresses and notes in it, but it’s pretty cool on its own!

I’m going to include photos in a slideshow below of all the ads, because many of these are visual and pretty neat. But as a quick list, here are the businesses included.

– Jimmy Wilson, Jr. Storage, 540 S. George St., York
– Chas A. Schaefer Flower Shop, 124 W. Market St., York
– Yesco electrical product distributors, York and Lancaster
– Gary Miller dry cleaner, 238 E. Princess St., York, and Northgate Shopping Center, North York
– Dorothy Fox Fashion Shops, 208 E. Market St., York
– Gregory’s menswear, 26 N. George St., York
– A and T Tire Service, 1793 Whiteford Road, Springettsbury Township
– Myers Sales and Service, Whiteford Road at Memory Lane, Springettsbury Township
– Etzweiler Funeral Home, 1111 E. Market St., York
– York Paint and Hardware Co., 203 W. Market St., York
– Imperial Remodeling Contractors, Philadelphia and Queen streets, York
– Don Zeigler TV Sales and Service, 335 S. Pine St., York
– Geo. H. Wolf, distributor of Gulf products, 303 N. Sherman St., York
– Boone’s Auto Upholstering, 1320 Tornita St. (yes, that’s the spelling they give for it!)
– Monarch Beverage Co., 526 E. Boundary Ave., York
– Andes Furs, 237 E. Market St., York
– Colony Furniture House, 3432 E. Market St., Springettsbury Township

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