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More about feeling strubbly

Commenter Bill chimed in recently about my recent post on being strubbly.

I had said I didn’t know the origins of the word, but Bill was very helpful! He writes, “The word, strubbly is the Anglicized version of the German word, strubbelig, which translates as, shaggy, tousled, unkempt. We also use the word schussle which means the same in German,except it’s spelled schussel: fidgety, hasty, careless. Then there’s schmutz, which is a little stronger in German: dirt, filth; smut; mud. We apply it to a messy face, usually. And finally, there’s that local favorite, rutch, which we apply to being fidgety, unsettled, or moving about in one’s seat or bed. The German definition is spelled rutsch, and it means to slip, fall or slide, which may or may not be a true transition of the word.”

“Rutchy!” That’s one we’ve talked about before, and one of my friend Crystal’s favorite Yorkisms.

Thank you, Bill, for sharing that with us!

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