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Millersville State Teachers’ College 1955 mid-year commencement: Joan goes to the antique store, part 4

Remember my challenge to find three bloggable items at the New Salem antique store?

Well, I actually found a bonus fourth item: A program, done nicely in a small construction-paper booklet, titled “Mid-year Commencement of the State Teachers College, Millersville, Pennsylvania, one o’clock, Thursday, January twenty, nineteen hundred fifty-five.”

That was, of course, the predecessor to Millersville University. And among the graduates were six York County residents.

Here’s a look at the entirety of the program:

Millersville commencement program

Note, this is actually in “booklet” format, but for space reasons, I treated it as one large image.

Our local grads were Joanne Long Blankenstein, then of 14 Latimer St., York, an elementary teacher; Virginia Campbell Klein of Jacobus, also an elementary teacher; Carl Dean Henry, 48 W. George St., York New Salem, an elementary teacher; Kenneth Dale Herr of Hoke Street in Spring Grove, a secondary teacher; Paul Martin Lauer of 413 Atlantic Ave., York, an elementary teacher; and Stuart F. Moyer, 218 W. Jackson St., York, a secondary teacher. Moyer, by the way, was a World War II veteran, as noted on the program.

If anyone knows any of these teachers or their families, please do spread the word; I’d love to return this to one of them!

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