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Memories via Facebook from Dale Boyce

I love Facebook. For better or worse, I really am on there all the time (to be fair, much of it is for work).

One thing I’m having happen more and more often is that readers will find me on Facebook to share their stories and memories, which I think is great!

This, for example, came from Dale Boyce. He writes, “Do you remember Silo appliances, Sterner Chevy and Hickey Toyota in Red Lion? Silo was on Rt 30 across from the North Mall. Sterner was where the Rite Aid close to Dairyland Square is and Hickey was originally down Rt 74 where Pleasant View school is located. I think Hickey was originally an AMC dealer when I was a kid. Then they changed to Toyota then moved to where Red Lion Chevy is today. Then they changed to Diehl Toyota. Also when I was young, Barnhart Ford was where the antique shop is today on Main St in Red Lion. Then it was Smeltzer Bros and they moved to where Apple Ford is today. After Smeltzer’s it was Mac Jones Ford and then Apple. I think I am right but not positive.”

Any ideas for Dale? I will share them ALL OVER THE PLACE – on the blog, on Facebook and probably in print – if you do! 🙂

Meanwhile, you’re welcome to be my friend on Facebook as well (request me here) – but if you don’t want to see all my goofy Facebook games, I might recommend you “subscribe” to me instead…

… which you can do right here!

Looking forward to staying connected in as many ways as possible!

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