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Memories of the original stores at the West Manchester Mall

Commenter Frank Soyke provided me with a list that I’m sure will spark many memories. It relates to the West Manchester Mall, which opened in October 1981.

I’d love to hear more about just about any of these places. Some of these stores are still in business, but many are not or have moved!

Frank writes, “This is as close to the original lineup of stores that I remember… Some may have come later. Here goes: Gee Bee, Chick Fil A, Camelot Music, Deb shop, Fashion Bug, McCrory’s, Athlete’s Foot, Bavarian Pretzels, Empire China, Brothers Pizza, Aladdin’s Castle, Sbarro’s, Kids’ Point Of View, Plush N Stuff, Merle Norman Cosmetics, Foot Locker, Kay Jewelers, Thom McCann, People’s Drug, Hess’s, The Bon-Ton, The Gap, Benneton, Tyler’s, Friendly’s, McDonald’s, Wee Three Records (I worked there), Littman Jewelers, a bank (can’t remember the name, but it was right at the Gee Bee entrance), Orange Julius, Kaybee Toys, The Hub and a travel agency (also at the Gee Bee entrance next to the bank.) I’m sure I missed many others.”

I think that list is a great start! To date myself a little bit, one of my first jobs was at Sbarro’s when it was at what’s now the mall’s “orange entrance.” I worked there for several years in the mid- to late ’90s, and really enjoyed it, at least most of the time!

My only addition is I think that bank was a York Bank, which later became Allfirst, then M&T. I am vague on that, but at the time, our family banked with York Bank, and I think I remember going with Mom to do her business deposits there.

What do you guys remember?

9 comments on “Memories of the original stores at the West Manchester Mall

  1. I remember a pet store, in the area and same side of the mall as Tyler’s, a toy store called Toy Circus, the Hallmark store, The Limited, Bookland and I’m sure there are a bunch more. I actually have a video my friends and I made as teens, running around different stores (Here’s, Gee Bees, Kay Bee, Hallmark, etc, in 1987. We even filmed a friend fake crying outside the closed Toy Circus. Fun memories!

  2. From what I remember in the 1990’s until they emptied it out for the new mall to be built….The pet shop that was in the old West Manchester Mall was called Vinnies Bow Wow shop. I remember Value City being where the Kohl’s currently is. There was a Macy’s, Kay Jewelers, FYE, a theater that I believe came there from the old Delco Plaza on 74, and a hand full of other stores. I wish I remembered more, I really miss that old mall. I am not a huge fan of the new one that replaced it. Also… If anyone could possibly help me with this question…was Walmart always a part of the West Manchester Mall, or was there a time that the mall didn’t have a Walmart? I am looking for the history of the West, Central, and East York area. It has changed a lot in my lifetime. And I would like to hear about, and possibly even see what it looked like before all of these newer “Superstores” via pictures. If anyone would like to help me out with that, you can contact me at the following email address…

  3. There was Bears shoes (my mom was the office manager), I believe York Bank, McDonalds-this I remember because it wasn’t too far off from the time, Chicen McNuggets came out. Clairs-the best of the 80’s jewelry. There was a dentist as well- my mom took me.

  4. There was also a buffet. I worked there but can’t remember the name. Maybe Bonanza? I’m not sure.

  5. Looking for the name of the store in the late 1990’s that sold all kinds of fancy clocks and italian jewelry boxes if anyone remembers.

  6. Wasn’t there a store called DC Jones or something down by Camelot music and deb shoppe? It was just bins of made in China stuff.

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