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Memories of Loucks Road before the Daily Record and the mall were there

Remember Lorraine in York who’d written me a letter about her downtown memories, which I shared about two weeks ago?

Well, I received a separate letter from her with some memories of an area I’m even more familiar with – the one I’m sitting in as I write this, along Loucks Road in West Manchester Township!

Lorraine says, “Turning left from your newspaper, there is a small cemetery and a small yellow brick building. I’m not sure the business that occupies it, but that is where I went to school, in the twenties and thirties. My home sat where the Manchester Mall is now standing. I walked across the fields, and was once chased by a bull!”

How convenient that my husband was walking from the YDR offices to Tires Plus to pick up our car the other day and was able to photograph the above-mentioned cemetery for me!

Lorraine continues, “Those were wonderful times. … The Carlisle Road was a dirt road. On Haviland Road was our famous author Kathryn Haviland Taylor. When I was about 12 years old, she invited me to tea. I said to my mother, ‘What is that and what do I do?’ My mother explained to let Miss Taylor drink her tea and do as she does. I said I don’t like tea; my mother said drink it anyway. Which I did. I still remember her delicious cookies. … Where the motel is standing (the Holiday Inn Holidome), that was all farmland.”

She concludes, “Thank you for listening to me ramble on. I’m a month away from my 90th birthday and I love to relive old times.”

Happy early birthday, Lorraine!

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