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Memories of grocery-shopping at the A&P

I received a letter in the mail from Linda Arnold of Springettsbury Township, with yet another memory of a grocery store of the past.

A & P logoLinda writes, “The grocery thing prompted me to write to you. I wonder if any of your readers remember when the Salvation Army store on Haines Road was an A&P grocery store? My husband and I moved to York in Sept. of 1976 to be closer to family and we shopped there.”

What’s funny is that, when we talked about grocery stores before, that was one my mom remembered but couldn’t place the location of. In our family, the A&P was the place where Mom and Dad could find good pepperoni in the mid-1970s; it was hard to find “Italian ethnic foods” at the time!

So do you guys also remember the A&P in York County? It looks like the chain still is in business, but only to the north and east of us; you’d have to go to New Jersey to visit one!

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