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Kicking of 2015 with a smattering of York County memories

I’ve been busy thanks to the holidays and some changes here at the YDR – hiring several new employees and so on – but I just couldn’t get too far into 2015 without at least taking the time to say thank you for reading all last year, belated holidays and best wishes for a good year ahead!

Today, I’d just like to share some odds and ends of memories of some stores, restaurants and hangouts of the past around York County I’ve received from readers, which hopefully will spark your memories as well!

Don’t forget you can always check out our York County stores and restaurants of the past directory to read more about a variety of these places!

Joe, the Motorists’ Friend: Deb McKnight writes, “I remember Joe the Motorists Friend in the York County Shopping Center very well because my dad worked there during the 1950s and 1960s. His name was Ray Lucchesi. Also my next door neighbor worked there during that time. His name was Richard ‘Pret’ Gilbert. I remember my dad had to always wear a white shirt and tie to work there. My mother would have his white shirts cleaned and starched at Merry Macintosh that was on East Market Street right on the other side of the intersection from the York County Shopping Center. I remember the store especially at Christmas time. When I received my 1968 Mustang brand new for my 16th birthday my dad took me to Joe the Motorists Friend to have an eight track tape player installed under the dash, complete with speaker in the back!”

The 1500 Club: Glenda Shifflett writes of The 1500 Club, “It was a great teenage club in 1956 or ’57, on West King Street. My parents had it. There was an auction house on the first floor run by my stepdad. We had great bands, including, as Sis said, Bill Haley and the Comets. The club with a big dance floor and jukebox was upstairs. My mom had a snack bar at one end, with tables and chairs. I still think she made the best Italian steak sandwiches around. Her name was Eleanor and her hubby was called ‘Sandy’.”

A&P: Leonard Thompson writes, “I remember there was an A&P out North Pine Street in the early ’70s. My mom would go there and to Franklin’s department store. My dad bought me a yoyo from that particular A&P. It’s funny certain things you remember.”

Hiway Theater: Steve Nicholas Jr. shared some memories of this movie theater, seen above in a photo from reader Allida Carroll. He writes, “I grew up on the six hundred block of College Ave., and when I was a kid I remember walking to the old HiWay theater. They showed cowboy movies on Saturday mornings. The normal ticket cost 28 cents, but it was half price on Saturdays, and we got in for 14 cents. Now, this was almost 70 years ago, and I may not be exactly right about the price. Does anyone else remember this?”

Playland: Bob Hoffman shared memories of this former skating rink. He said, “I can remember Playland from the late ’50s and early ’60s. I went there every weekend and attended many special events like New Years Eve. I used to race and was a member of the racing team out of a Lancaster Roller Skating Rink, whose name escapes me. I know it was at an Amusement Park. It was a great place and I loved to skate to the organ music. In ’63, I graduated from York High and joined the Marine Corps. I only got back there a few times after that. I was really saddened when I heard it had burned down. My shins and knees still show the scars from racing and sliding on that hard wood. I ruined a few trousers too. After the rink burned, the pool and hotel still stood for several years. I hear now, that it is gone too.”

That’s all for today, but of course, I’m always interested in hearing your memories of these locales and others around York County!

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