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Marching band season begins again

Fall in York County, to me, means marching band. You might prefer that sport that uses our band field during some of the same events… you know, the one with quarterbacks and stuff? Yeah, whatever! Hahaha.

I headed out to my high school’s marching band preview night last Friday. (Click the link to read about my trip to the same event in 2007.) Took my daughter, my best friend and her daughter. And I loved it!

This year’s Dover show is a tribute to Queen, so that made it all the better, because I really enjoy their music. But I also enjoyed that I, quite by accident, sat right in front of a whole group of friends from my church, two rows below of the band director’s family and two rows above my best friend’s brother-in-law (who was in the band at the same time we were), who had brought his son. I love that about York County!

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