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Many memories of Gregory’s Menswear

Gregory's Menswear storefront
Remember back in January, when I asked if you remembered Gregory’s Menswear on North George Street in York?

As I’m coming to expect, I got a lot of really detailed responses that really took me back in time!

Shirley Monroe writes, “Thanks for helping your readers travel down memory lane remembering the good old days in downtown York where every Friday night and Saturday the stores and streets would be full of shoppers. The Christmas shopping season started the first week in December. … Our family participated in Gregory’s Semi Annual sale many times. Customers would line up on North George Street before the store opened. You had to get there early to be sure to get the bargains. Gregory’s was across the street from the Ramona restaurant where many people would stop to eat after shopping or attending a movie.”

Commenter Dufus (great name, by the way!) says, “Always bought my clothes at Gregory’s downtown. It was always a great experience buying there and the sales people were the best.”

And my brother-in-law Mike writes, “My dad always bought his dress-up clothes at Gregory’s in the sixties. Sport coats, shoes, shirts, and dress pants. He was a ‘sharp-dressed man.'”

Jim Knaub says, “I did most of my clothing shopping at Gregory’s and wonder if anyone remembers the name of the theme song of the Gregory Gift Program on the Air, this program was on WORK radio station every evening at 6:00 PM.”

I bet some of our former WORK employees reading this blog can help with that! Any ideas on that theme song?

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