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Mail call: Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra, in person at the Valencia

Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra flyerToday’s mailbag item was another anonymous submission. The writer says, “Love your memories of York. Don’t stop. Grew up in York when it was a great place to live.”

Enclosed with the letter was this flyer for a performance by “the most talked about band in America,” Vaughn Monroe and his Orchestra. They were performing – in person, the flyer emphasizes – at York’s Valencia Ballroom. (You might remember the Valencia – you named it the best V of York County in the ABCs of York County series.)

There was no year given on the flyer, but my best guess is 1949. Why? Because Vaughn Monroe was hot that year – it’s when “Riders in the Sky,” one of his better-known tunes, came out – and because April 30 was a Saturday that year.

There’s more about Mr. Monroe here and here.

To my anonymous reader, thanks for clueing me in to this performance. I bet it was a wonderful night and I’m glad you shared it with all of us!

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