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Mail call: Remembering restaurants, and their cleanliness

I had a fun letter in the mail not too long ago from Daisy Orr of Dallastown.

Daisy brought up a business we haven’t talked much about – Spurg’s in the Spry area of York Township, back in the late 1950s. That’s one I’d love to hear more about, if you remember it!

Daisy also brings up a couple of notes about restaurants and their general cleanliness. She writes, “Does anyone remember the restaurant that had a sign above the kitchen door that read, ‘You are welcome to see our kitchen.’ This must have been in the ’60s.”

She says that she chooses what restaurants to eat at based on how the businesses score on their health inspections. You can check those out yourself at; we keep tabs on them!

And Daisy mentions one other thing that I thought was a neat tip. She says that you should eat at restaurants where the staff members wear white or light-colored aprons, because then you can immediately see if the aprons are dirty. She doesn’t like businesses that use colors like forest green for their aprons!

Daisy, thanks for the tip, and thanks for bringing up Spurg’s, which – of course – does NOT have anything to do with the businesses of the present and their health inspection scores!

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