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Mail call: Postcards from Florida of York County in the past

Today’s fun images came along with a letter from Bob Steindl of Pompano Beach, Florida.

Bob writes, “My wife Priscilla and I are ex-Yorkers, now living in Florida. Friends from back home send us articles from the newspapers quite often. The most recent was your article about movie memories etc. which we enjoyed very much. Brings back memories.”

He continues, “Enclosed are some old York postcards which you might be interested in writing about.”

Bob’s five postcards were really amazing. I’ve included the images from the fronts of them below. Interestingly, three were actually sent cards with writing and postmarks; I’ve included the details I have in the captions as well.

Valencia Ballroom postcard

Bon-Ton downtown postcard

Postcard of York's Center Square looking southwest
This postcard is of York's Center Square, seen looking southwest. This card's image was by "C.T. American Art" and it was published by "Fair & Square Bargain House" of York. This card was also sent from Mrs. Snyder to Freda, this time on July 7, 1916.

Postcard of York Fairgrounds

York Manufacturing Co. postcard

Bob, thank you so much for sharing these cards with us. It’s so fun to see these scenes from the past!

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